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I've had the Seawave for just over a year. My previous favorite inflatable was the Aire Sawtooth I or II. However the Seawave reminded me why Innova kayaks are great. Easy setup, easy to clean, not too heavy, but durable, good tracking, and decent speed. I also have the solo and double deck. Those went unused the first year, but this year I've used them on a couple early spring trips on local rivers. This deck option will extend the paddling season, and will be enjoyed as protection in black fly season here in the Midwest. I'm looking at you Lake Superior! The kayak also looks really slick with the deck on - I always get comments on the kayak when setting it up. I am in the market for an additional kayak and considering the latest drop-stitched designs, but a second Seawave is on my list - it's that good.