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Name: paddler455562

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I used the hammock on an over night river trip with my son last weekend (July 20th, 2018). I spent the morning at my house putting the hex rain fly and hammock together, it wasn't too difficult. Unfortunately, my first real life set up occurred at 10:00 pm.,in the woods with a dieing flashlight. Once I found 2 trees that would work and had the hammock up, I realized the tethers to hold open the assymetric shape wouldn't deploy because other trees were in the way. Big mistake. I couldn't get properly aligned nor comfortable and spent the night fighting my sleeping bag and hammock. I didn't bring a pad or any barrier or I would have slept on the ground. I'm going to give it another try in the future, but lesson learned, set up earlier and insure I have a 30 degree angle. With that said, however, the mosquito netting is nice and thankfully I wasn't bit at all. The interior mesh bag is convenient but I wish it wasn't sewn down the middle into 2 separate sacks. I put the snake skins on before I took everything down, and it really came down quick and packed well. The tarp folded down easily and went back into it's carry bag. The tarp, hammock, and straps neatly fit into a small dry sack, weighed very little, and fit neatly into my kayaks' hold with other gear. I'm going to try the hammock out a few more times and hopefully my next experiences will be better.

It worked great, did exactly what it is supposed to do which is move a lot of water quickly. Tried it out in real life conditions with sand, gravel, and other debris in the hull. Removed a few inches of water and left maybe a cup or two behind. I would buy this again and recommend it if you're looking for a decent pump. I paid $19.95.