Name: Nashville_Paddler

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This is what an entry level recreational boat should be. The stability is great with the wide body. The tracking is better than most for a boat this size. It has plenty of storage for a day on the water. The knee pads and adjustable foot pegs are great along with a comfortable seat. However, my favorite thing about this boat is the weight. For such a sturdy boat, it is fairly light and easily handled by one person. I recommend this boat for anyone wanting a good quality boat for recreational paddling.

This was a great first kayak. Very stable with plenty of room. I paddled this boat for 6 years never once tipping over. Great on rivers up to class II but best on class I. Lakes are fine as well but the wide body creates a lot of drag. So, don't expect to go very fast. I loved this kayak and wish I had never sold her.