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Name: paddler451377

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Out of all the dry bags I have purchased over the years, I've never had a failure until I purchased these lightweight dry sacks. Failure was in about 1 year of use kayak touring. Do not trust these sacks to keep essential gear dry. They are prone to abrasion hence leakage. Best suited to back packing and in the description list "not for immersion". Should be described as a splash bag. Warranty was not honored. I went back to my older heavier dry bags (20+ years old) as they keep my gear dry.

A great "little" boat! Quick and Agile just as designed. This is not a boat for larger people. If you are over 5'11" or a little overweight, you should get a different boat. Like some hot sports cars, smaller stature individuals fit so well enough to make the bigger folks green with envy. I've had this boat for over 2 years and purchased it as a 2nd boat for friends to paddle. With the light weight and great handling, it's now my first choice for a workout boat. 4 MPH hull speed is quick! It's a boat you wear. It loves wind and waves.

My first sea/touring kayak. Very durable and also a very heavy roto boat. The rudder is a little finicky and I have to replace the spacer every year. No longer produced it has been very rugged with good capacity. Sadly, the comfy seat is a bit of a problem when doing self rescues as it's a whitewater seat with a high back.