Name: singermary

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When I started kayaking in 2017, I tried a couple of different pfds, none of which were satisfactory. I am 5’3” and 135 lbs. My Perception kayak has fairly high seat back. The Astral V Eight met and exceeded all my needs: it is very comfortable with no tightness across the chest area and is lightweight; no arm restriction with paddling movements; the mesh back keeps me cool and the high back clears the kayak seat back; the straps can be individually adjusted. My only and minor complaint is that the pockets are small and not very useful. I have recommended this pfd to friends who have been very satisfied.

I am a short, older kayaker who needed to find an easy to use car carrier. Although my kayak (LLBean Calypso) is relatively light at 38 lbs, I was unable to get it to the top of my car by myself. The Hullavator allows me to load and secure the kayak onto the cushioned cradle of the carrier at waist height. It has a pneumatic component which assists both lifting and lowering the kayak to and from the top of the car. I am now entirely independent in getting my kayak onto the car and heading off to paddle whenever I want. The instructions for using the Hullivator are very clear and complete with illustrations as well as text. Everything needed for use including attachment strap assembly and ropes with ratchet/carabineer hook/hook for tie down is included in the package. I do have a Thule certified person install the carrier and remove it for the winter (my car lives outside in the snow belt). I've had this for two paddling seasons and it is well worth the cost.