Name: paddler444215

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I upgraded from an Aruba 10 and my goodness what a difference! I love the looks first of all, low, sleek and beautiful on the water. Once you start paddling you immediately notice the superb tracking, stability, and ease of paddling it. It is plenty quick as well, and extremely quiet in the water which is great as I love to use it as a platform for nature photography. I love that it has dual watertight bulkheads, as these make me feel a lot safer in big water. Also, I opted for the rudder which is great for when I am gliding along as I can hold a camera and steer with my feet, keeping the boat straight. The boat tracks very well even with the rudder stowed though. I am 5'8 and about 185 and the boat fits me very well. A spray skirt is optional as the boat sheds water very well and under normal conditions you just don't get wet. I love the rigid construction, much more rugged than simple roto-molding. A very nice boat, well worth looking at if you are looking for a mid-sized all around boat. Highly recommend it! And the customer service at Old Town is top notch!