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Stable, rugged, and easy to paddle. I have used this solo boat on 7 paddling trips so far this Summer. I purchased it “used” from an old timer that never used it and had a shed full of boats. I got a great deal on it and she looks brand new. It can haul quite a bit of weight for a small canoe. I always take my 75lb. golden retriever with. She fits nicely in front of my feet and there’s ample room for dry bags/gear. It was quite easy and stable to fish out of as well. You can’t beat the weight of this light canoe. I can slide it right in the back of my truck with the tailgate down and it barely hangs out the back. I’m excited to use it soon for a multi day trip with a lot of portaging. There’s no center yoke like you find in a traditional canoe. I built my own padded portaging rails for my needs. I use a solo paddle and take with a kayak paddle as well, just in case we run into some gnarly winds or when we have to paddle back up river when a one way paddle isn’t feasible. It’s nice to have the kayak paddle for this, as we paddle faster. The boat is manageable and a pleasure to practice and fine tune open water rescues in. I feel at home in this small craft on Alaskan waters.

It's been a joy to find a kayak that crosses over (That's why they call it a Cross Over style kayak) into almost every paddling condition I go out in. Paddling in Alaska is always an adventure. We have changing weather and water conditions constantly... Silty fast moving glacial flows, chaotic wind chop, and intimidating swells that will make most men's butt holes pucker up. I enjoy owning a kayak that I can take out for a river run or throw gear in for a multi day adventure. So far I've taken the Katana 10.4 in the Ocean, up to the face of a glacier, leisurely floats across lakes, and floated several rivers. I'm not a "hardcore" whitewater guy just yet, but this boat will hopefully bridge that gap and lead me more into that direction. What sporty water I have ventured into, it has handled beautifully.

Not only does the boat handle well in every condition I've taken it out in (thanks to the included drop skeg) but it has some excellent curb appeal. I felt like I was riding in a new corvette by the responses I was getting. The boat on flat water and ocean swells doesn't paddle terribly fast like a longer touring boat would, but that's not why I bought it. It does go faster then most smaller boats I've paddled.

I love having a smaller boat that I can throw up on the roof rack or directly in the back of the pickup without much fuss. I'm finding the Katana is becoming my new go to boat for just about everything.

The size fits me great! I loved the larger size of the Katana 10.4 which fits my solid 6' 235lb. body well. Smaller guys have tried it and enjoy it, but they said they'd be better suited with the smaller version. I have friends that paddle the Liquid Logic Remix series and it piqued my interest to move to the Katana. The fact that several people use it to float big water and do long excursion trips through the Grand Canyon was very appealing. After searching High and Low and being patient for some time, finally a very gently used one, popped up on Craigslist that I pulled trigger on.

I'm grateful for a boat that's super adjustable down to the smallest detail, has a drain plug in the cockpit area (haven't needed it yet), the large rear hatch has stayed bone dry, and I'm actually a huge fan of the drop skeg, which has made the transition into whitewater, a bit less intimidating and forgiving. After my first day on the river I stopped using the drop skeg after getting a feel for the boats capabilities and carving with the current.

Good job Dagger. Yes, I'd recommend one to my growing list of jealous friends.

***The only drawback is that my pup is too big and can't ride along anymore... She's devastated