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Name: paddler443669

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I find it very nice, it is well insulated and when i catch my fish it keeps them cold, I would recommend to everyone who likes to fishin in their Kayak

The 10'0" Oahu is a very well balanced Paddle board, I am not that experienced on Paddle boards, but when I tried that one that my close friend owns, I felt very comfortable, I tried one in Mexico and I was very anxious because i felt very tippy and no one offered me any kind of lessons, I am on the look out for one of my own that is inflatable, I would leave it at my friends lake house.

I have one and i love it have caught many fish with it, trouble is my son in laws love to borrow it, i would recomment it for sure

This product is very functioning, My friend let me borrow hers and I found it very safe and sturdy, unlike some Kayaks I felt it was very smooth and considering buying one for myself, not a bad price eather