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I've been paddling the Wilderness Tsunami 165 for about five years now and do not regret my purchase for a moment. My passion is saltwater kayak camping along the rocky coast of Maine. While the rotomolded polyethylene material is heavier than fiberglass, it has the strength to be dragged over seaweed and barnacle-covered boulders without a worry. And with the chining, the boat has exceptional primary and secondary stability. The rudder easily offsets any weather-cocking inclination. I've loaded the boat for five days of island camping. With proper weight distribution, you can easily put the boat on it's side for turning. While. it's slow getting up to speed, it holds the speed well once you get there. It's been a pleasure taking it out to the islands of Casco Bay. Some years ago, it proved it's worth when I was caught broadside in five-foot seas in Penobscot Bay while crossing a shipping channel. While I needed to brace, the boat never felt close to capsizing. My only beef with the Tsunamis is sealing those rubber the hatch lids. But applying a little petroleum jelly to lip of the covers helps solve that problem. Any of the Tsunamis from the 140 on up are great for saltwater use.