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Name: paddler442853

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This review is based on a full summer (last year) of kayaking about once per week with this boat. We've just returned to the water this year. On the whole, I like this kayak a lot. The seat's great, with nice adjustability, and its being removable is a nice touch. I'm still very much a beginner, but I find that it tracks well when I'm paying attention to my strokes. It's also broad enough that I can enter and exit without tipping the boat or falling out. G It's light enough I (6 feet tall and reasonably strong) can carry it to the water myself, if need be, and it fits well on the roof rack of our Prius.

There are only two downsides, and they're fairly minor: First, the boat is a bit nose-heavy. I haven't tried adding weights in the rear storage compartment to see if that improves the balance, but that will be a test for this summer. Second, the rounded sides of the forward half mean that if I'm not paying attention when heading upwind, the occasional larger wave can sweep the deck, and some of the water will then enter the cockpit. (We're not going out in sufficiently rough water to require a spray skirt.) Not enough water to require bailing after an hour of paddling, but still annoying when I get splashed in a cold breeze.