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Name: kirothehero

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I picked up two of these a year ago - one for my wife and one for my 16yo son - and they adore their Daggers. The boats are stable and easily manageable. They find the seat very comfy and easily adjusted to their needs. Some other reviewers have complained of the knee padding coming off but we haven't experience that. The retractable skeg on these boats make a big difference in how they track. The cockpit size is pretty nice as well - small enough to resist overspray, but big enough to fit my 40 lbs border collie in with my son or wife. Plenty of gear lashes and storage for a 1 or 2 night adventure, if you know how to pack lightly. Great boats!

I've had my Tupelo 12.5 for about a year now and have been loving it. It's super comfortable, tracks nicely, and is a breeze to paddle. It has a ton of gear storage for overnight trips and is super stable in choppy water. I'm also a photographer, and the stability is super nice cause I can trust the boat in rough conditions with my camera out. Only thing that I don't like about it is the location of the nalgene bottle elastic loops - they're hard to reach and kinda wonky. Luckily though a nalgene bottle snugs nicely under the front of the seat. Also beware that because it is a slightly flexible hull, you'll absolutely need foam rooftoppers or j-cradles.