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I love this PFD... the back is high enough to clear the high back in my kayak, and my short torso. It has good pockets, allows free movement, and is comfortable. The pockets combined with the high back and availability of a very small size (see later) were what convinced me to choose this one. I would have liked a female-cut PFD, but absolutely nothing that met my needs was out there - high back, adequate pockets, decent colors, small enough.

I do wish it came in more colors (particularly 2 tone) and that there were more sizes: XS - medium is crazy and I have TONS of extra webbing everywhere because I have it cinched down about as much as is possible.

This boat fits me extremely well and has gone just about everywhere with me. Ocean, class II whitewater (not its specialty), lots of touring, rivers, lakes, etc. it's comfortable, very fast for its size, super agile, and tracks nicely. I can stand in it although it's narrow. One thing that is really special about it is its balance while being carried - I can manage it myself and that isn't true of other boats of the same weight.

I'd add a bow bulkhead for floatation as I've sunk the bow during rescue practice. Plus, storage! I also wish it came in some of the really pretty colors.

This is an agile, straight tracking, light boat for a small paddler and it's nice to have a decent fit in the cockpit. I actually have pressure on the thigh braces! It's even balanced well to carry alone. The seat is comfortable and I like the static lines. I do wish it had a front bulkhead and therefore wouldn't fill with water up there (pool session taught me that this boat will sink in front when submerged!), but otherwise, it's a swift little boat that is fun to paddle in all kinds of waterways.