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I have had nothing but positives experience with the Showdown and both a Chevy Cruze and Equinox. Fits both exactly.

I hated being exhausted getting off the water had having to wrestle/hoist my kayak up on J-hooks. I am 65 so anything to make the job physically easier is welcome. Yakima is expensive in my opinion. My REI dividend and money gift helped with reducing the price I out of my pocket.

I do not understand the deficiencies others spoke of. Mine seems made very well and easy to use. I have had folks of small statue load it up and take it off to see how they like it. Few weeks later one of those persons had new Showdown.

I have the smaller size because it high enough off the ground to work on my kayak then is low enough to sit in a chair and work on it. Not that there is a whole lot to work on. It also work well when I am loading on my car from my rack. I take from the rack rest on the stand walk around and pick up from the stand and load. BTW I am 65 and can use to make things as easy as possible.

I recommend these. I did not pay as much for mine.

This has been one of the best purchasing experiences I have ever had. After assembly I sent a picture. I got a reply, not something you expect today. Matthew also pointed out my canopy seemed to have a too short line for the lacing. He sent me replacement. Ok assembled again and it was not as tight ( spreads bit further, wider ) then I sent another picture. Got another reply!! Matthew told me to add the extensions to the stern section of the poles. Did that and sent another picture. Another reply!!! This one says that is how it should look!!

Matthew yes I am very excited this works so well and so easy.

You just do not get better service than Adventure Canopy!!!

Ok how is it made? How does it work? It is made very well and smart. Someone did some clever engineering, It is of simple components and quality. Works wonderful!! Does not get in the way of paddling or fishing. BTW this comes in nice bag for storage, sets up and takes down in like 2 minutes tops. My Kayak is an Ascent 12t.

Can not make a strong enough recommendation. As you can see others like Adventure Kayak's canopy. Looking for some shade on the water this will certainly aide.