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I have had three - a 1987 Royalex 16.5 for over 30 years - a 1992 Royalex 16 that I sold last year and a 2009 16 Kevlar that replaced it. Love the hull, slips around corners on the river with ease - Royalex will take a beating and shrug it off. Have run low class 3s in the old one, not going to do that with the Kevlar. A number of years ago I lent the 1992 one to a friend that "knew how to paddle" We were approaching the takeout just above a 7 mile long canyon of mostly class 3s, he and his partner flipped the canoe and it went down the canyon on its own. A couple of weeks later I got a call, a guy who rafted the canyon found my canoe at the outlet stuck in a tree. I picked it up, had to sand some of the gunnel and clean it - but no damage :) Great canoe!