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A cautious positive. I have come to the Looksha from a typical UK sea kayak - a P&H Scorpio. The Looksha is a beast by comparison - big and broad and voluminous. It is also nothing like a playful; it can't be turned as tightly. It does however track incredibly easily and is so stable in a bit of weather. The bow rides over the waves easily and is a dry boat to paddle.

It is also worth noting that I am getting used to the concept of a rudder on a sea kayak whilst getting used to this specific boat. It is so easy in many ways for lazy paddling. Mine (bought 2nd hand) came with sliding rudder pedals which I hate. I am currently replacing with pivoting ones. I hope with those I can start bracing properly and edging well again.

Finally - curious decision not to give the boat a day hatch. I am not sure of the reasoning. I now have more in my pfd, a bag in the cockpit with me (I hate popping the spray deck at sea so don't like this solution) and a small deck bag. This is the main reason I dropped a star.