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We own a lakefront home where we have six kayaks of various brands on our dock. Needed to add two more kayaks for our big family. One of our previous six was a Perception Swifty. So, after carefully considering all brands, including the six we already own and a few others, we have decided to buy two more Perception Swifty kayaks. Basically this kayak is a nice size. Regardless what others have said about tracking, this kayak tracks very well! I have to wonder about the experience of those who don't think it tracks well. It is every bit as good as the other five brands we own. Does very nicely on our lake. We have not used it on the rivers. We especially like the width of this kayak. I can easily tuck a grandchild in the kayak with me for youngsters too small to go out alone. But, its also perfect for myself when I go out to do some photography on the water. Holds all my gear and plenty of room to move around while taking photos. I really could not be happier with this kayak. I think buying two more says it all!