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Name: Neils

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The Sun Dolphin Boss 12 SS is manufactured by KL Outdoors. The price fluctuates, but I was able to get it for $397 at Walmart. It is now being sold as the Ozark Trail Pro Angler 12 and includes a paddle.


Plastic: The plastic is on the softer side, and when it heats up it does move more than one would like. For example I indented it when using the sides to support myself as I stood up. I was able to squeeze the side and it did return to the desired shape. I've installed two 2' sections of aluminium t-track on the sides which has given it additional support.

Seals: The seals on the hatches aren't waterproof. I don't get enough water to impact stability, but enough to get contents that are resting on the hull floor to get damp.

Side Handles: The side handles rubber mounting turn to an angle that is not cosmetically pleasing when used to car-top, but they still work.


Seat: The seat is comfortable. I use it in the low position, and have been out about 20 long as 8 hours on one day...

Paddle Holders: They hold the paddle securely.

Hatches: All hatches are accessible while underway.

Stability: I'm 6' and about 200 lbs. I am able to stand and fish, but only do it in calm weather. I prefer the seated position, especially when out in the bay. It had some nice tests in both wind, and wakes from boats while out in the Lakes Bay area near Margate.

Layout: Plenty of open area. With its substantial weight capacity you'll have plenty of options. Price: The features at this price point are brilliant.