Name: PaKayakers

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Sturdy hull. Will float if flipped. Several hatches. Outback is 34" wide, stable but slow. 16' Adventure is 29" wide & fast; 13'11" Revolution is 30" wide & medium-fast. Husband uses Adventure, paddling 100% of time.. I use Revolution, 30% paddling and 70% peddling, as my legs are stronger than my arms. Top quality materials. Pedals need maintenance in order to keep them working quietly. Rinse salt/sand/river silt off of them after each use. Lubricate occasionally. You-tube videos show how to do this. 3 hatches. Lots of interior space for packing of gear when transporting for a trip hours away from home. We have a great Hobie dealer. On his test pond, for 1 week, we tried out all his brands/types of kayaks. We can peddle, paddle or sail our Hobie's! got a mast, sail & speedometer! Husband services our kayaks, tho' our dealer is there for us if needing accessories, parts or service. We bought 2 Hobie carts which fit into our kayaks' 2 holes. Fat tires for sand (ocean/harbor). Narrow tires for river/lake trips. No complaints here. Having pedals allows our hands to be free to take pics/videos of wildlife as we kayak on river, marshes & harbor. Multi-functional. Expensive but worth it. Rx for health is how we look at it. We saved birthday, Christmas gift $ to buy our first one in 2004! In 2014, we sold the Outback to buy a narrower, faster Revolution. Next: Turbo fins and Glide technology pedals! (We do not need the Mirage drive w/fwd/bkward option. More to maintain.)