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Name: echapp88

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The Kaku Voodoo has taken my time on the water to a completely new level. First off, after many years of a SOT I found myself often sore, achy and tired after 4-6 hrs on the water casting & paddling. Not the case at all now, it is so easy to transition from sitting to leaning while paddling & fishing. Crazy stable, open concept and so much room. It was an adjustment with no “rails” or “wells” as I first felt like things would just fall off the deck but after a few trips, I have tethered my gear such a pliers, fish grips & paddle. No more worries on that. I have not faced waves but it has handled some heavy chop out on the Gulf, fast flowing river water, not rapids but close to that and in both situations it handled very well. The Voodoo paddles & tracks very well. I have about 20 hrs. on it between the river & Gulf and can’t wait for more. Cannot really call this a paddle-board or a kayak, it is like a hybrid skiff and I love it. I would highly recommend getting a demo paddle set-up if you are in the market for a SUP or Kayak. My Son has one and now my wife wants her own as well. I made the purchase from Lee Norris, Tally Yakkers Outfitters (TYO) in Tallahassee, Florida. Lee is experienced and knowledgeable about many paddle crafts and was great to work with.