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Kokopelli's Recon is, like any other packraft, purpose-built. Not for off-the-line racing, nor for the kids to beat up, this is a phenomenally constructed lightweight raft that will soundly haul you and your gear (MTB, skis, rollerblades, whatever) across the lake or downriver to the next take-out for your overland adventure. It's slow, but I expected that. It's light, and I expected that, too. It's rugged, and simple to set up. I paddled mine across a desert reservoir for its maiden voyage. Outbound for 0.7 miles to some cliffs, the lake was relatively flat. Boat rubbed up against sandstone and barely scuffed. I headed back to shore. Within perhaps 20 paddle strokes (go with a short paddle - I'm happy with 205-210cm which forces a high-angle approach, needed for tracking) I was blasted by a windstorm. Inside of two minutes, the lake went from mild boat wake to 3' waves and 40mph winds. A wakeboat captain stopped to offer me a ride, which I refused. I wanted to see how Recon would handle those conditions. No problem. I was getting popped up and down by wind chop and wave, but never did I feel unstable or on the brink of getting blown over. It's a little workhorse. Taking it down some Class 1 in a couple of weeks, just to see how much gear we can load. Great packraft.

Tracks well, very light due to thermoformed deck and hull, stable. Holds enough gear for an easy night or two out, great for day trips or just a couple of hours. This isn't a whitewater rock-hopper, so don't treat it like one! It should last for many years if cared for properly and not abused. Great kayak.