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My new Spearfishing boat

I’d spearfished off my scupper-pro for 10+ yrs then thought I’d try the Ocean kayak Sprinter, for extra range, about a year ago. Sooooo glad I did - yeah it feels a bit tippy but have not fallen off yet. I’m 90kg (on a good day) and 6ft and I load up my Freediving gear and weight belt and all in the back hatch, which is a good big space. I bought another cover and cut into the front hatch (was formed but not cut), and have managed to get my full overnight camping gear in there - It’s heavy like that but ok. For balance, swing your legs out when resting and it’s just as stable as the scupper pro. Getting back in is more tippy but it’s quite ok. Now I get much more speed, and often just take it for a nice fun paddle. I’m yet to deal with really rough conditions in it- even in a short chop it gets turned sideways a bit and feels quite tippy requiring concentration. Also it’s great for my kids (9 & 11) - with their lower centre of gravity they don’t fall out often (!) but can keep up with me on my other kayaks