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I love these paddling shoes that were recommended to me my local kayak shop. The grip is outstanding on slippery rocks and boat ramps. The shoes drain and dry quickly. They're comfortable and sturdy enough to walk around in and I've used them on short hikes (1 mile or so) over rough trails. I find they tend to collect sand inside so I wear thin synthetic socks to keep the sand from grinding on the bottom off my foot. I get wear on the sides where my heel rests on the kayak but it doesn't affect the function or comfort (so far). By far the best paddle shoes I've owned. Worth the price.

I've been paddling a 220cm carbon fiber Kalliste for the last 6 years. It fits me so well and I'm thinking of picking up a 2nd one and demote my current paddle to be a spare. My current spare is a very old Camano, which I used for years, then I went to a carbon fiber Shuna and finally made the jump to from high-angle to the low-angle Kalliste and never looked back. The light weight of full carbon fiber is amazing and makes long paddles so much easier. Just think you have to hold and swing that paddle thousands of times during a trip. I don't notice any flutter as some reviews mention. I use this paddle with a Romany and a CD Cypress.