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Name: 3x27

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Versatile and Very Fast

The GRB Newman Design Monarch is simply the most versatile canoe I've ever paddled. It can easily handle a heavy load for camping or paddling with a family, taken out for a long and enjoyable cruise or be raced at the very highest level in the stock and even the racing class. This is a perfect boat for conditions that are found in the 90 miler where light weight, maneuverability and efficiency are at a premium. Be sure to get the optional third seat if adding additional paddlers/children to your crew. This carbon fiber boat handles/maneuvers exceptionally well, is very light and will regularly lead the stock class with podium finishes. Certainly a bigger canoe than a pure racer or pro boat but it can hold its own against a nearly comparable team paddling a pro boat. If you want a very versatile vessel with exceptional handling characteristics and fast cruising/top end speed, look no further.