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Name: MissBeans

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Kids toy

If you're wanting a toy kayak for a small child this kayak is great. So I am rating it based on it being a kids toy.

My son is 11, 90lbs, very active and was excited to kayak, but 1 hour paddling in a small calm lake his back was too sore to sit, it has no back rest which was the main issue, combined with the very short paddle that is soft. Also the place to put a water bottle isn't ideal, the bottle gets soaked in lake water so having something upright would help.

Going to attach a back rest on ours, add a cushion and have him use a proper paddle, we'll see how that goes.

Again, great for a kids toy just playing in the water, if that's what you're after I would recommend this. It is sturdy and I like the safety flag feature.