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Name: paddler372470

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I bought the kayak about 5 years ago. The kayak itself has held up great. It was great on the water and I enjoyed being in it. My complaint is the seat. With all the plastic components, it broke soon after I bought it. I spent the next years fixing and rigging the seat so it would work. It was comfortable, just didn't hold up. This past year, the seat finally gave up the ghost and I couldn't fix it anymore. It needed to be replaced. However, I contacted Wilderness thinking there would be a replacement seat. But there wasn't. The representative was helpful and tried to find a fix to my problem but all he could suggest was using a flimsy, universal seat or have one custom made. I was very disappointed that these were my only two options. Unfortunately, I have this great kayak with no seat. Its useless now unless I can, once again, figure out a fix.