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Name: lwiese

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Buyer Beware

I purchased a Spot, since I kayak long distances and wanted my ground support to be able to find me. The device itself worked ok, but it did take a long time (20 minutes or so) for messages to be sent. The real problem for us was phone reception in getting those messages. While this is not the fault of Spot, I could not use the device and called to cancel. When I called to cancel my subscription they said that I "was not eligible at this time" to cancel. I asked if there was ever a time when I would be "eligible" and the supervisor simply said, "no". Even though I had only activated the service for 9 days and used it only once, they were not willing to give me a refund and deactivate. Sooo, at $200.00 per year for service, better think twice. The device itself is not cheap either. I don't often write reviews, but I want to get the word out so others don't loose money for a device that you cant use, or, if does not fulfill your tacking needs, are not able to get your money back. I personally will look for a different company that offers its customers, the option to cancel if serves cannot or is not fulfilled for whatever reason. The Spot has potential, it's just too risky.