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Name: Kyle-by-the-Bay

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The first thing I noticed when I tried on the 3T Requiem shoes were that they were super comfy. I've had 5-finger shoes and it's way easier to slip on 3-toed shoes. Plus, I found that I didn't sacrifice any dexterity with my toes, as compared to the 5 finger shoes.

My pair of Requiems drained pretty well. I used them for paddling and just walking on the shore. I particularly liked how they didn't smell afterwards, like some of my past shoes I've used in water. The price is also right. I would recommend them to anyone.

As advertised - and then some!

I picked up this board online because I am an avid reader of this site and came across the reviews and product video. I bought the board and crossed my fingers, hoping that it wasn't too good to be true - and it hasn't.

I've paddled the Performer in local lakes here in Florida and I've found it to be stable, easy to paddle and very convenient. I was hooked on getting it because I saw that you could put a water bottle in the handle, something I'd never seen before. It allows me to have it close by, between my feet when paddling, and that's made this almost worth it for just that feature.

Pumping it up is a bit of a workout but it doesn't take more than 5 or 6 minutes to inflate. I also love the fact that the fins are tough and withstand some blows. I had this board over some rocks a few times and the fins were fine afterwards.

I've even had my 10-year old son on it with me a few times and he loves it. We're thinking of getting another, as he's showing that he can handle this 11-foot board better than me!