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It was in 1979 that I decided to buy a British kayak. I had to choose between the Kirton Meridian and the Nordkapp HM. At that moment I was a student and paying an amount of f 100,00 more for the Nordkapp was just too much...

Since a couple of years I have an Eagle Zeester. The hull of this boat is an exact copy of a Nortshore Meridian. The deck however is more flat and the cockpit more open. Rolling e.g. is rather difficult in this kayak.
So I also looked for a real seakayak. Last december I found the Nordkapp HM. A beautiful yellow boat, without any modifications. I replaced the outfit of the deckgear and today I made my first trip on flat water. I have NO concerns about the primary and secondary stability or the turning. My only concern is that it's rather difficult to enter or exit the ocean cockpit. But when you are sitting in, it's perfect! It fits like a glove. It's tracking well and paddling is effortless. Until now, I'm very satisfied.