Name: FreeSpiritPaddler

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I bought my 1st kayak used from an Outfitters, i had tried several different kayaks, but went with this one. although at 70 lbs you i hang back from those in the lighter kayaks, but its a steady smooth ride. I feel confident in it to get me where I need to be. It has plenty of storage space, a comfortable seat w/ back support that comes in handy on longer outings (though i will sometimes use a small towel to protect bare skin) I have thought about going with a lighter boat, but the durability and handling and stability i cant give up. If I were to buy another Kayak, it would be the Wilderness brand, and very likely another 140 or maybe 160 Tarpon. This Yak wants to stay straight and true, and while going against the wind or current, it just pulls along. Worth every cent. Would definitely recommend .