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The Dagger Axis 12.0 is my current kayak, I have used Dagger Kayaks for years and now I am doing more "lake" kayaking - so this cross-over kayak was the logical choice. I have taken the kayak out a couple of times so far, and I have no complaints to the way that the kayak handles on lake trails. You can move faster than just a regular recreational kayak, and with the skag deployed - it tracks great, with the skag pulled in - you can edge fairly well for as long as it is. I am a big guy, 6'7" and 280 lbs, and I have no problem using this kayak. All in all this is a great kayak for what I have used it for so far - I am planning on going down the Ocowee next season to see how it performs in a little bit of white water - I will update my review when I do.