Name: VACaver

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Just installed my new Hullavator a few days it!

I almost bought the Yakima Showdown, but decided to pay the extra money for the Thule since it actually does some of the lifting. Comparing the Thule to a friends Yakima this past weekend, I discovered that I had made the right choice.

Loading my Katana 9.4 onto the roof of my Honda Pilot has gone from being a pain in the neck/shoulders to effortless!

I bought my Zydeco 9 in the fall of '17 and it's been a great boat. Light, but very durable, I've taken it through class 3's with no problem. Granted, I didn't buy it to take through anything over 2's, but it handled the bigger water just fine.

For general river floats, it's my go-to boat. Tracks well, easy to toss up on the roof, and very stable in the water while being more agile than I expected.

I wouldn't hesitate recommending this boat at all.

Picked up a new Katana 9.7 last weekend and used it for the first time the following day. So far, I have no regrets!

It's touchier than my Zydeco 9, a little tippier, and, with the skeg up, wants to do a quick u-turn as soon as you stop paddling...which caught me off-guard a couple of times!

The maiden voyage was mostly Class 1's, with an easy 2 thrown in a couple of times. The boat handled very well and I'm looking forward to taking it through some bigger water in the spring.

The boat is outfitted very well and the seat is very comfortable.