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I have had the Old Town Adventure XL 160 for ten years now. I use it exclusively for expedition kayaking, trips of at least a week in duration. The boat has proved to be a battleship as it has absorbed bangs, scratches, gashes and being dragged over sharp rocks. The other aspect that I love about this boat is that it is built to haul gear. I have loaded it with up to 14 days worth of gear/food/clothes/photo equipment/etc and it takes it all in stride.

The boat is wide and sits higher in the water when not loaded. The initial stability is very solid and the secondary stability is barge like, very stable. It is also a bit slow due to the width of the boat. The boat sits higher so it is a bit susceptible to weathercocking in higher wind, but it shines when loaded down. The boat has always tracked straight for me and I only use the rudder in windy conditions.

The reason for one star is the hatches are a bit flimsy. They close with a lever. They have only leaked in heavy seas when the deck was awash. Aside from that, the keyhold is big to accommodate big paddlers and the seat is high backed and pretty comfortable, I added a gel pad due to the duration of my trips. I'd recommend this boat highly!