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Saw the Clearwater Affinity 8.6 yak at a local Marshall's for $169. Seen the same version at other Marshall's and TJ Maxx for the same price, but I lucked out because the chair back was broke. Bargained it down to $122, and what a deal it was! First run on it was calm river, and of course I took a fishing pole. Landed my first large mouth since my freshman year in college! You'd think the fish was caught, but it was me that was hooked. Ever since, I added a couple pole mounts, a couple kleats, and made a new seat (extra cushion for my, excuse my french, boney ass) for an extra $25. Got an anchor too for $8, rivers aren't always calm. For $155 I have the perfect fishing vessel for calm water, river rapids, and (on a pleasant days) coastal waters. Just don't be too fancy, and always wear a PFD.