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As a sea kayaker who paddles day and multiday trips, a see through dry bag is the only way to go in my opinion - I can see what's in the bag. I have a 5L Glacier Bay and have used it for a couple years in hot and cold weather. Works great.

Have had the Blue Jacket for a little over a year. It's a dream to wear - very, very comfortable. Lot's of adjustment points. The layered construction allows the PFD to move with you. The storage area is easy to access and plentiful. Easy access to a shoulder knife and attachments for other gear too. It takes a few paddles to get used to not having individual external pockets for every item you carry. The Blue Jacket carries is all easily once we learn to organize our PFD differently mainly in one enclosed area. There are a couple side pockets low near the waist which work great for my paddling easy access Clif bars. It does not have a dedicated pocket for a VHF which is once again merely a relearning issue. My ancient brick VHF still works and is huge so it is a tight fit with all the other safety/comfort stuff carried. Once I bite the bullet to get a modern, much smaller VHF, that personal issue will go away. Highly recommend the Blue Jacket for those who do open water, lake, or easy river paddling. If you want the white water upgrade, take a look at Astral's Green Jacket - a similar PFD set up for WW safety in mind.

Used a GP for the first time about a week ago in a roll class and it was a Northern Light 3 piece. I have to get one. I stowed my Euro high angle paddle and used the GP all day long as we repositioned around the lake several times. I haven't tried other GPs, however this one made me a believer.