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My wife bought the 14.5 as her first kayak when she first started kayaking. It was purchased from a kayak training center that sells off each year all their boats. It was an instant love affair. The boat was stable but playful all in one boat. It can go from flatwater to calm to slightly bumpy open water open easily. With bulk heads and hatches even short kayak camping trips. As we progressed and became more experienced and certified open water sea kayakers unfortunately the 14.5 couldn't meet her needs. With an extreme amount of sorrow she put it for sale. The potential buyer had to go a battery of questions as she wanted it to go to a good home. LOL! A candidate was choosen and she went to another loving family. My wife actually shed a tear as it was her first love and to this very day given the first opportunity she is going to 're purchase another 14.5 just to have to re-live the glory days. The 14.5 is an awesome all round boat and built with a high standard of quality it far exceeds all other rec boats on the market. I highly recommend her as a first purchase as a newbie or as a seasoned paddler looking for something just to play and paddle in.

Cheers Paddling forever Dale

As I am at a mid range kayak (P&H Cappella) in my paddling I didn't want to install a permanent compass yet. The Seattle Sports NightQuest Deck Compass is a great compass and performs professional and flawlessly. It gives a great bang for the buck. Because it is portable my wife and I can exchange from my boats to hers for are navigation training for Canadain kayak certification.

The only one downfall to this compass is the battery for night navigation. It is a specialty battery and can only be bought online. It is pricey at 15$ plus shipping plus taxes. But all in all I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this compass to any one who asked.