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This Kayak has been the best value for my money spent in a long long time. My wife and I have two Advanced Frame kayaks that we have traveled all over the US. We take them with us whether we have water adventures planned or not because sometimes you just see a lake or a river and say, "Let's check it out". We have had hundreds of people come up and ask,"Is that an inflatable", because they just can't believe it. We just bought two more Advanced Frame Kayaks so we can invite friends to join the fun with us. We have received much more fun and adventure out of these kayaks than what we paid money for.

My wife and I recently bought advanced frame kayaks. We loved the mobility and ease of transport. We took them to Lake Powell for 5 days on a houseboat and used them to explore the awesome beauties of small corkscrew canyons. We also used them while traveling to kayak the Animas and Rio Grande. The kayaks did great on the water. They were stable and easy to maneuver. In the rivers we mainly saw class 1 & 2 rapids but did encounter some that pushed class 3. For any rapids class 3, I would suggest purchasing and using the skirt since we did take on a bit of water. The kayaks performed great even with added water weight. We are very pleased with our purchase and can't wait for more adventures.