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I was apparently one of the first to ever buy a wet kayak (ocean) in the Tampa Bay area back in '98. Everyone that saw mine was immediately intrigued by it. The length (just under 16') made it fast and the two holes made it work well for my dogs. My favorite place to kayak is at the Weeki Wachee River with my current dog Cheza. Almost everyone I pass on the river has a cute response to how chill she looks, and amazed on how big she is (70 lbs) when she sits up. I am a big guy at 250 lbs and must paddle a combined weight of about 400 lbs up river against the current for 6 miles. Not sure how much longer I can withstand such a gruelling paddle at age 52. I have since repainted my kayak and installed my own homemade outrigger. Some on my trips are quite dangerous when I hit the open waters at 6' waves to various islands.

I live in Pinellas County, Florida and bought my Scupper Pro new back in '98/'99. Since Ocean Kayak either orginated or at least had a dealership in Lakeland (about 50 miles East of the Gulf of Mexico, their main salesman at the time lived in Redington Beach. He brought 3 of their kayaks home and sold them in a local newspaper, I was the first to buy one. I payed $500 + $100 for the paddle. He told me I would be turning many heads because this was a new idea, boy did it ever. People laughed at me for sitting in a boat that your butt would get wet, boy how times have changed.

I have used this kayak for demonstrations at local new kayak free tryouts and each and every person liked my "antique" better then all of the new ones, yes it might not have the new gadgets but it it faster, more stable and more storage all rolled up into a kayak that still turns heads when I take my two 70 lb dogs with me. Oh yeah, for all of those naysayers that state you must be under 220lbs are delusional... I was once at 280lbs, 5'10 and am currently at 240lbs... that equals to over 400 lbs with my dogs and gear and have never even once tipped it.