Name: Rnico24

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All I can say is what a great boat!!!! Well, that's not all.... Tracks extremely well. I recently paddled 120 miles over 5 day on the upper Swuannee River. Very accommodating for gear. I have been out on the Gulf scalloping. Great boat for re-entry on the water.
I would (and have) recommend this boat to anyone.

I have had this boat on the slow rivers, lakes, and gulf coast and has always performed very well. Many day trips with the family. A few over nighters and one upper Suwannee River trip. Always a pleasure to paddle.

I paddled the 160 on a day trip on a slow river. I own a 140. While the 160 has a lot of space for gear, the maneuverability is much less than the 140. The 160 is a little more narrow and is a bit faster and is better suited for open waters and wind.