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Name: jjotz

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This kayak was perfect to take my 7 year-old son on trips because it has a removable seat in the front that could accommodate kids. Without the front seat installed, this kayak can also hold plenty of gear.

I've taken this kayak across the Hudson River to Manhattan and on some pretty busy waterways in the NY/NJ area, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and quiet streams. I've also fished with my son in this kayak and taken it on overnight camping trips.

The draft of this kayak is shallow as I've paddled in water less than a foot deep with ease. It is incredibly stable on the water and I've never tipped it. Due to its height, I've battled the wind at times while my friends' sit-in kayaks sliced through the water with greater ease. It's also difficult to turn, especially in narrow waterways.
Of course, at 53 lbs, it's heavy.

Holds lots of gear, versatile, stable, durable & rugged

Slow, large turning radius, heavy, hatch isn't watertight