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Incredibly beautiful craft. Never fails to elicit comments from other river goers. Pleasant to paddle. I am regularly the only canoe amongst a group of kayakers. I have no trouble keeping up with them, even with strong head wind where they should easily beat me. I love my Caper.

Purchased two. One is an inch longer than the other. One has a really bad case of oil canning. Unfortunately the oil canning is asymmetrical which leads to poor handling. Positive, they were cheap (two for cost of one higher quality). Great kids boat. or for playing around on a lake or flat-water. If you paddle often, you will quickly surpass the capability of this kayak.

Really good all around paddle. The grip is very comfortable. It is like a Toyota Camry, it does everything reasonably well, but nothing excellently. It is neither a white-water nor a freestyle paddle, but it could do either in a pinch.

I've had mine for over 10 years, paddled on the Rio Grande, the Buffalo, and Texas lakes. One corner of the rock guard finally began delaminating (my fault for not maintaining the finish). Web and customer service offered to repair or give me instructions. Did repair myself and it is now my back-up. Upgraded to a Bending Branches Espresso, love it.

There might be a better paddle for the money, that is the only reason it is not a 10. "Freestyle" grip is not as comfortable as their standard "directional" grip, but it facilitates freestyle moves. I'd suggest the freestyle grip only if anticipate needing it.

The paddle is very lightweight and exceptionally buoyant. It almost seems to "pop" out of the water at the end of a stroke. Not problematic, but the sensation felt weird on the first few strokes, now I enjoy the feeling.

I worked for Mike and Courtney in the summer of 1982. Mike offered me a canoe, but I needed the money. 25 plus years later my dream came true; I found my Caper in the classifieds.

It is a wonderful boat: Sleek and Sexy. It tracks truly and turns on a dime. Did I mention it is beautiful? The constant refrain from folks seeing me in my Caper is: 'That is a beautiful Canoe!' There might be faster, tougher, or more stable canoes, but there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than my Caper cruising flat water, and that was Mike's goal!

I never let it scrape bottom, nor would I drag it over logs. This is a Porsche or Ferrari, not a Chevy. Did I mention that it is a beautiful Canoe? Well, it is!!!!

This was one of the first canoes designed from the keel up as a solo. It began the revolution that never quite materialized - Roto-moulded kayaks stole the hearts and pocketbooks of the buying public.

Originally made of fiberglass with Brazilian piranha pine rails, trim, and caned seats lovingly hand crafted by Mike Galt. Wet sanding the wood-work with 200-400 grit wet dry paper and Watco will revive the wood's luster, just take care around the fiberglass. This canoe was designed for day trips on flat water with the emphasis on aesthetically pleasing the paddler and onlookers rather than getting from place to place in the shortest possible time.

Count yourself blessed if you have paddled a Galt design and twice blessed if you own one!