Name: JeremyTravers

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The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 is a great all around kayak. I've used it on rivers, lakes, bay's and canals. It tracks very well and is quite maneuverable in tight spots. I do not have a rudder on mine and have had no issues with out it. It paddles quite fast. The boat is easy to lift. It also has plenty of storage and sits well in the water when loaded. The seat is quite comfortable and give the paddler plenty of support on long days on the water. This boat is a great all around kayak for the paddler that explores different types of water.

I have been paddling a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T for the last 6 years and wanted to get a solo boat. I had been eyeing up the Wilderness Systems Tsunami for several years and was able to take one out for a test drive last summer...I was sold. I take a lot of photographs and video while paddling and was looking for a stable boat. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 was perfect. It has great stability and storage capacity for my gear. It is very stable and tracks well. I have been out in several conditions on lakes, rivers, bays and canals and enjoyed every minute paddling the Tsunami. If you are looking for a fun stable boat the Tsunami is a great choice.

I have been paddling for 25 years. I had a Waldon Paddler for 20 years and it served me well. I sold it when I moved. With my move settled I decided I wanted to get another boat but this time I wanted a tandem. Why a tandem? I wanted to introduce my girlfriend to the world of paddling and also get her son's out. Not having the room for 2 single kayaks plus with tandems today having the option to go from a tandem to a solo with the slide of the seat were three driving factors of why a tandem.

I went to several area shops and went on line to get all the information I could on tandem kayaks. I was disappointed to find that there was not a lot of information out there and what I did encounter was not that positive. I went to several shops that they wouldn't even sell me a tandem. "I tried one once with my wife and we almost got a divorce..." was one shop owners response.

The best advice I received was to try them out. I did and after trying several tandems out I went with the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T. I knew that I would be spending more time soloing than with a partner. With that in mind it was important to me that the boat perform well as a solo boat which it did.

It is a fast boat for its length. It tracks nicely and handles both flat choppy waters quite well. The majority of my paddling is done solo and the boat performs great. Its narrow hull makes soloing easier than some of the other tandems I tried that were wider. My only complaint is that the foot pegs do not adjust as easily as I would like but I find that I don't even need them. The seats are comfortable and I really like the adjustable back support. Its a nice feature. As a tandem it is supper quick. and glides across the water effortlessly.

The key to remember with a tandem kayak is team work especially with a loved one or someone who has never paddled before. Let that front person dictate the tempo of the stroke. Enjoy the time spent with them on the water and work together.

I have paddled big lakes and reservoirs to small ponds and even rivers. The boat handled each type of water very well. All and all I am very pleased with my Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T.