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Name: SueMcK

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We bought our Hellman Prospector 5 years ago after renting one a couple times and don't regret it. We do a fair amount of multi-day wilderness tripping and this canoe has handled everything we have thrown at it from moving water to flat lakes. We generally travel with a loaded canoe and it handles very well. It turns quickly needed and the speed is good (we have friends in a Clipper Prospector and they have trouble keeping up to us - is it the canoe or paddling, we're not sure).

For quick day trip we have taken this canoe on rivers up to grade II and it has handled the rapids and quick maneuvers needed with ease. The Duralite layup has held up well over the rocks and barnacles we have pulled our canoe over. Yes, we have scratches but nothing that we've had to repair.

This is a good all-around boat from day trips to multi-day tripping, it can handle just about anything you can throw at it.