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I have had multiple kayaks and canoes over the years and consider myself well seasoned. I can give you a pretty good analysis on this boat so listen up. I took this out yesterday after purchasing from Dick's the day before. The price was unbelievable and I was looking for a light weight boat to compliment my solo canoe. My expectations were far surpassed on handling in slow, rapid and choppy windy conditions. I had the pleasure of experiencing all these conditions on the Susquehanna yesterday. Most of my previous boats have been Old Towns so I have a good idea on how a boat should handle, no complaints here. It's stable, tracks very well and is relatively fast. In one foot chop and a persistent head wind I stayed dry as the bow raises up and cuts through with ease. The seat, well you can't have everything but by loosening the straps so the back support is laid back I added several camping pads and a foam pad and it was extremely comfortable. You have enough leg room in the cockpit to sit crossed legged if you choose which I do on occasion which was another added pleasure. I'm 61 years old in pretty good shape but a lighter boat is getting important these days and carrying this boat by myself was a pleasure. Last thing that I was worried about was how the material was going to hold up. The Susquehanna can be tough on a boat with rocks that will cut and gouge a boat in a hurry. When I got back to shore and took a look I was pleasantly surprised at how abrasion resistant the Ram-x is. Get it if you still can for the price, its a good boat. The one I got was the trailblazer. Don't forget to get some backrest pads you will need them. Happy paddling.

Folks, this boat is by far the sweetest little kayak I have ever owned. I have had a few over the years. I can keep up with any larger rec. yak and fit into small coves and run rapids with the best of them. As far as tippy, no way. You lean this boat into turns and it reacts with grace. I love mine, it's an 02 model without the hatch. If you get a chance to pick one up , get it. You won't be sorry.

I am amazed at how many folks who apparently can't paddle or are just inexperienced complain about one of the best canoes on the water. This little gem is both stable and performs with all the grace of a kayak when handled properly. The seat is always a personal size issue but the boat is a charm. I have a Loon 111 that is my other boat and if I want to get somewhere in a hurry she's the one I go to but the Discovery is a great canoe and I wouldn't be without one.

I don't know what folks are talking about when they say this boat is tippy, maybe they haven't been on the water much. I have had a Discovery 119 which I loved but eventually sold to get a kayak. Always missed the 119 so when they came back out bought one. I ended up giving that one to my son and bought a used Pack. Folks I'm 57 and in good shape but do most of my boating solo and 33lbs on my shoulder is a charm. This canoe handles like a dream. I'm hoping the royalex is as tough as the polylink since I'm on the Susquehanna most of the time and it gets pretty rocky in places. If your a seasoned canoe/kayaker this boat flies with a yak paddle. Aces all around.