Name: dnatured

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So I'm on my third summer with this boat and I can say that it has served me quite well. I moved to ME from CO a few years back and my wife and I got into kayaking. Had an old town canoe for years, but kayaking lets us do our own thing! Having only paddled an 11' Loon before, the smaller cockpit took some getting used to. For only a 12' 5" boat it tracks extremely well. However one thing you need to remember that this is a step up from a rec boat like the Pungo.

That being said, if you want to get into weekend touring/occasional bay to island hopping, I would suggest a longer boat. If you're getting into light touring, and have a good feeling you'll be spending more than a day on the water, than look for a longer boat. The only real downfall to this boat (and the same as my wife's Pungo) is the forward design. Having a very keel-like front end makes the boat track wonderfully, but as soon as the placid water gets rough, you'd better have a skirt or you WILL get wet!

All in all it was a great first "over nighter" kayak for me, but I have out grown it quickly. I just wish I'd picked up the 145 rather than the 125!