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I purchased my Dagger Zydeco in the early months of 2014. It is a 9ft, 38 pound kayak and very easy for a woman to carry. My first kayak was a squirrelly, heavy sit on top which I enjoyed but not the kayak for me. I sold it right after my yellow dagger arrived. This kayak has sported me thru creeks, the James River, and several lakes! I find it smooth, easy handling, and perfect for this 55 year old woman to easiy strap onto the top of my vehicle and head out for a great paddle. Sure it has alot of scuff marks, scratches, showing lots of wear, but I wouldn't trade it! As a matter of fact, if the need ever arises, I will most likely purchase another!

Purchased my Dagger Zydeco in winter of 2013. This baby is easy to handle for my size, female, 5'3" average build. Great on Rivers and lakes, rapids, camping trips. Recently 4 day 3 night voyage of 48 miles on the James River and recommend this Dagger Zydeco to anyone!!

This is my second kayak and I oh so love it! My first purchase was a sit on top Emotion Spitfire, heavy but fun. My yellow Zydeco was a closeout sale and it is so fun on the river, agile and swift on flatwater. I can lift and carry this kayak with ease, load it on top of the car and take off to anywhere!
I give my Zydeco a 10+

As a newbie to kayaking, I enjoy my Spitfire. The storage seal leaks and it is difficult to drain water from the storage area!