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We chose the Wilderness Systems kayaks frankly because they were the best available for us to in our area (Iowa - not exactly known for high adventure) to purchase on the spot and get out on the water that weekend. That being said, we are extremely satisfied with them. We purchased the 120 for my daughter, the 125 for myself and the 140 for my husband, average cost of around $1,000.00 give or take.

I am one those oddities who is deathly afraid of going under water but loves to be in a boat on top of it. My kayak is so stable I never fear of tipping and even without a rudder tracks wonderfully. Even on the Upper Iowa River near Minnesota where the rapids were enough to spin me around I never came anywhere near tipping. We also took them to Lake Superior at Pictured Rocks this last 4th of July and held our own on the swells with the help of spray skirts. I have to admit I was a little freaked out there with my fear of going under and all but no need, never even came close to tipping.

It also has plenty of storage for our adventures up and down the Mississippi and is made to be drug over rocks. It can easily hold everything you need for 3-4 days of camping and the bungies on top are great for sliding in an umbrella chair.

My 125 model is also made a little wider than average which is nice for those a little wider in girth or, as in my case, a bit wider than average in the bum. There are also adjustable foot pegs inside and the seat is padded and adjustable as well. A rudder can be added. Love my boat!