Name: Jigster

Most Recent Reviews

I bought my Santee 100 early in the summer of 2015. Have taken it out on numerous flat water lakes and the Deschutes River here in Central Oregon. So happy with 25 lb dog sits in the cockpit with me and we feel secure. Easy to lift on and off the Helivator Kayak rack by myself.

Feels very stable in the water and so far has held up well to the occasional dragging along the ground. Would highly recommend to someone who wants a lightweight kayak. Unfortunately, they no longer make this 10 foot kayak. Only 12 feet or longer

Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for lakes and flat water rivers and enough cockpit room to seat my 25lb dog. Have had it about 6 weeks and no complaints except a large water bottle does not fit in the water bottle holder. Tracks well and feels stable.

After months of trying to decide I bought the Hullavator, with a 25 percent sale price due to last years model. It is fantastic and I have NO regrets. For a single gal who is not getting younger it is a fantastic piece of gear. No getting hurt putting the kayak on the roof. Easy peasy!! Get one, you won't regret it one bit!