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I have been kayak fishing for years and resisted trying out pedal drive kayaks until about a month ago. My husband and I hired a kayak fishing guide who used the Hobie Outbacks for his excursions. Less than 5 minutes into the trip I told my husband I would be selling my standard paddle kayak and getting the new 2022 Hobie Mirage Outback. We have taken several fishing trips since the purchase and I am in LOVE with the Outback.

First, the selling point was the drive and rudder system. The drive pedals can be adjusted to fit different leg lengths and its an easy press of a button to chane and its so easy to switch between forward and reverse. This is clearly a very well thought out design. The the pedaling is so smooth and effortless, even in wavy conditions. A big plus is being able to fish while moving! No paddle to get in the way! I'm also a fan of the sleek design and the bonus storage areas. A great dry storage area in the front, another dry storage area just in front of the seat which is great for your GPS and your cell phone or other gear. There are also rubberized pockets on each side great for fish grips or plyers.

Another bonus, the amazing stability and tracking. The rudder system makes me feel like I can turn on a dime. There is also a track system which allows for plenty of additional accessories to be added. I've added a cleate and an additional rod holder. I've also added an anchor trolley which has been so very handy.

Lastly, the seat is ergonomically very comfortable and adjustable. My only beef is the material is a bit scratchy is wearing a swim suit. Easy fix is to cover the seat with a towel. (After I had my Outback for a week, my husband sold his yak and bought his own Outback. He has no issue with the seat material.) And, while the weight of the Outback is heavier than my previous kayak, I find lifting the Outback on to our trailer easy enough.

All in all, this is the best Kayak I've ever owned.