Name: pbrydges

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Great sturdy board for beginners, like me. I'm a petite 60 something female, so I need help transporting board as it is over 50 pounds. Great on the river or rough lake. Price was reasonable as well. Highly recommended! Pros Durable Cons Weighs over 50 pounds Usage Relaxation

I am a 60 something woman just getting into SUPing, bought this Pelican model for my first attempts. Board is great for the rough Lake Erie waters. Non skid platform is a great feature. I do need assistance from my husband to transport it as it is 50 lbs. plus. Bought this on sale at Costco, has an adaption for kayaking. Love it, just waiting for some decent weather! Pros Great balancing and very durable Cons Heavy, need assistance to transport Usage Just going up and down Lake Erie, Amherstburg, ON