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Name: Nmaccini

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I bought this paddle on sale because I had the kayak and needed a mid grade paddle. It has worked out very well for me. Not super light, but not heavy. It breaks down to just the right size to fit in my hatchback, and doesn't seem to get stuck together with a little bit of sand in the lock. Decent product.

I purchased the Aspire 100 over the winter and got a great price! I have taken it out on 3 floats so far, and it is very smooth and stable. Solid construction, hatch is water tight, tracks nicely although not super fast. Great for beginner to intermediate lake and slow river paddling. Kayak is sturdy, and well made. The foot pegs are really easy to adjust from the seated position and the seat is comfy and has way more adjustment than I need. I recommend this yak to everyone!